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Welcome to the Art, Art Textiles & Photography Department

Our aim is to develop independent and creative Artists and Designers who have the skills to pursue the subjects at a higher level

Our Department Vision

At Copthall we strongly believe that Art and Design is a crucial and fundamental aspect to a students education for it’s own sake and as a means of engaging with and understanding the world.

Activities that promote risk taking and problem solving along with the development of fine motor skills equip students with attributes sought after by employers in the creative industries and elsewhere.

We have a highly successful Art department with students having the opportunity to study a range of specialisms to A’ Level. Our aim is to develop independent and creative Artists and Designers who have the skills to pursue the subjects at a higher level. We believe that every student has a creative a strength, which we endeavour to develop through the enjoyment of the subject.  We are proud of our results across all key stages, which are consistently above the national average. Through our teaching we embed knowledge and understanding by working in a range of media and techniques whilst exploring the work of other Artists and cultures. Students who continue at KS4 and KS5 develop in a more individual way and build on prior knowledge to become independent and confident practitioners.

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We offer our students a wide range of creative experiences across a range of Art subjects including Art and Design, Art Textiles and Photography, which reflects the specialisms of the departmental staff. Our fully resourced Art classrooms allow for every student to fulfil their potential whether drawing, painting, 3D, photography, animation, Photoshop, print-making or textiles. The department has a suite of computers, photographic studio lighting and sewing machines. We have secured funding to purchase a set of iPads to develop students’ skills in working creatively with digital media.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department offers a good range of extra-curricular activities and visits for students across the key stages. GCSE Art and Art Textiles students visit at least one exhibition with their class during their course and we have developed partnerships with external organisations to provide students with opportunities to experience different creative careers. Examples include an architecture workshop at the Royal collage of Art with Celebrating Architecture, a photography workshop at the photographers Gallery and a sixth form evening visit to the 17-25 Access Art even at the Royal Academy. Year 12 Art, Photography and Art Textiles students visited the Henry Moore Institute in the summer term and are also encouraged to visit exhibitions independently.  We organise day trips to local galleries and art related events if appropriate. As well as the visits we organise, A’ level Art students are encouraged to take advantage of the many free workshops and events available to them across London. Our KS3 pupils are given opportunities to participate in practical lunch-time school clubs where they also learn about the power of communication through Art. KS4 students have weekly Art Clubs to support their progress.

Useful Web Links

Students at all key stages may find the following websites useful for generating ideas or planning gallery visits

Art Gallery

Black History Month

Please click here to see the full A Level Art Gallery 2018

GCSE Art & Textiles

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Art KS3 06th May 2020 Download
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