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Copthall School - Student Profiles – A2

Beth P (Deansbrook Primary) has achieved an impressive A*, A*, A, to secure her place at Russell Group University, Nottingham. Beth is very excited to start her undergraduate degree in Psychology in September.

“I am so pleased with my results today and cannot wait to start my course in Nottingham. The teachers here at Copthall School have really helped me to achieve my goals, by keeping me motivated and encouraging me to keep working hard throughout my exams. Our teachers constantly encourage us to work independently, which has given me confidence and helped me believe in myself.”

Spogmay S (Deansbrook Primary) has big aspirations to become a lawyer after successfully securing a place at Queen Mary University. Spogmay achieved A Sociology, A History and B Psychology and is looking forward to starting her Law degree.

“Copthall School is an extremely friendly school, with teachers who provide invaluable support and are always willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve. I am really excited to start my Law degree and I am looking forward to the new challenges it will bring. The one piece of advice I would give younger students is to work hard and never give up! I was fortunate enough to have some very supportive teachers who pushed me to achieve what I have today!”


Samira S (Sunnyfields Primary School) has achieved an impressive AAA, in Biology, Chemistry and Pyschology. Samira will continue her studies at UCL, where she will study Pharmacy.

“We are so lucky at Copthall School to have teachers who really make sure you are prepared for your exams. We spent a lot of time covering past papers and previous exam questions, which helped me walk into my exams with confidence, and achieve results I am really proud of. Our Head of Sixth Form has also been especially helpful and will often remind us of what we can achieve if we work hard and believe in ourselves. I am so excited to be going to UCL and cannot wait to see what the future brings.”

Simran Z (Edlington Victoria Primary School) is looking forward to taking her place at Middlesex University, where she will study Primary Education.

“Ever since I was in primary school I knew I wanted to be a teacher. At Copthall School you can really see the positive impact teachers can have on students and I cannot wait until I can start to make a difference to pupils as well. During my time at Copthall I have always felt supported by my teachers, and they have always been on hand to provide me with great advice. There is a real community feel at Copthall and it’s been great to see everyone supporting each other today.”

Copthall Schools’ Head Girl, Iqra S (Dollis Junior School) achieved an incredible A*, A, A, B and is the only student at Copthall to study 4 A-Levels. Iqra is taking a year out from studying before studying Veterinary Medicine course, with the aim to become a large animal surgeon. Iqra also recently won the award for the most inspirational student at the Barnet Awards, which was a fantastic way to recognise Iqra’s determination and inspirational leadership skills.

“There is a real family environment at Copthall School, which encourages its students to grow and prosper into empowered, intelligent young women. The teachers and staff have been so supportive and are always there to help guide students from all year groups. I genuinely believe the teachers are highly supportive and really care about the students. I am really pleased with my results today, focusing on 4 A-Levels has been really hard work, but I am very happy it has all paid off. I have decided to take a gap year before I take my place at Surrey University where I will study veterinary medicine, with the ambition of becoming a veterinary surgeon for large animals. This is something I have always been passionate about and I am looking forward to seeing what the next 5 years of studying will hold. I have really enjoyed my time here at Copthall, and being Head Girl has been one of my greatest achievements.”

Nadia N has successfully gained a place at Lancaster Univerisity to study Medicine, after achieving an impressive AAA.

“Copthall has been a great place to study as the teachers are so easy to talk to and genuinely want the students to do well and achieve their full potential. My advice to students starting at Copthall School would be to really embrace the warm, friendly environment that Copthall has to offer.”

Antonia P (St Marys Primary School) is ecstatic to discover that she secured her place at Surrey University, which was Antonia’s first choice. She will begin her Psychology undergraduate degree in September after achieving A* Psychology, A Sociology and B History.

“I am so pleased with my results today. My A*, A and B has ensured I am able to continue my studies at Surrey University, which I am really excited for. Copthall School has really helped me achieve higher grades than I ever thought was possible. The teachers and Head of Sixth Form have always been so supportive, helpful and always pushed me to make sure I reach my goals.”

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