Accelerated Reader Report

Accelerated Reader (Year 7)

Accelerated Reader is a reading package that Copthall School has utilised with KS3 students for several years. It aims to improve the reading ages and abilities of students by prescribing 25 minutes of ability-appropriate reading material per day.

One of the best features of the programme is its wealth of differentiated reading material. Students are tested at the beginning of the academic year, given a set of reading colours and instructed to read books from those colours. This differentiation has supported students in making the right reading choices and- where adhered to properly- has enabled many students to make progress.

Additionally, the summative quizzes taken on the completion of every book generates data on how students are engaging with their reading. The programme tells teachers how many minutes a student reads per day (on average) and how well they are scoring in the quizzes they take. The AR coordinator then collates this information and promotes it using the library’s TV screen so that students who have been quizzing and meeting their targets are publicly celebrated each library lesson. Furthermore, teachers use this data to target students for one-to-one reading in library lessons, intervening with those who struggle to pass their quizzes. Teachers also use this data to refine their teaching in class which means that it is also useful beyond the library.

Finally, the reading age data that is generated from termly STAR tests has been used to target students with low reading ages for a weekly “Book Club” with the AR coordinator.

The engagement and progress of each student varies widely, but a brief analysis shows that:

  • 47% of students have made ‘accelerated’ progress (at least 7 months’ improvement on their reading ages between October to February)
  • The average reading age in October 2019 was 10 years and 8 months
  • The average reading age in January 2020 Average was 11 years

Therefore, the average growth across the year group is 4 months. Due to these unprecedented times, it has been difficult to exploit the powers of Accelerated Reader remotely, but historically, students continue to make high levels of progress later in the academic year.


Accelerated reader


Accelerated Reader Date  
Accelerated Reader Year 7 & Year 8 20th May 2020 Download
Success Stories Copthall School 16th May 2017 Download