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Sports Leaders assist peers in Penathalon Challenge

Inspired by the recent Olympics, eight sports stars from Copthall School led local disabled children in a Panathalon Challenge at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre.  The children from local primary schools participated in specially adapted events including ‘table cricket’ and ‘boccia’ that enabled them to compete and enjoy a range of sports.  At the end of the enjoyable day one of the Copthall Sports Leaders, Year 12 student , Louise P, commented “Working with the young people inspired me and made me more determined to achieve and succeed in not only sport, but in all walks of life.”

The Gratifications of being a Copthall Leader

Firstly, I would like to say that being a leader is not all play and no work. It comes with responsibility and sacrifice; it is the ability to have tenacity, patience and perseverance. I do believe that Copthall leaders not only have those skills but have revealed them to peers, teachers, students and other school communities.

On the 11th October, we leaders participated in an event called The Panathalon. This includes sports such as kurling, boccia, mini basketball, parachute popcorn and much more; it was a rather exciting range of activities that was also adaptable for children with different capabilities. It was amazing to see how competitive and involved the teachers were!  In addition teachers took part in a game I called “the teacher throw down” in kurling. I believe this promotes equality and shows that that everyone is capable of doing anything. Goldbeater’s Primary School was the winning school – it was a very competitive school and showed good determination and team work.

I congratulate my peers for doing a well done job: Sharon, Louise, Louise, Abigail, Daniella, Jade and Halima.

As our time as Copthall leaders has almost come to an end, we know that it is not the end but just the beginning of us being leaders of tomorrow due to our excellent training from our school PE teachers and our coaching leaders, Caroline, Vanessa and Jane. It has been honour working with the team and I expect more of the younger years to partake in leadership and I assure it won’t be something to remorse about.

Chubi, Year 11

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