COVID-19 Catch-up Premium


In Summer 2020 the government announced that they would provide a one-off premium fund to schools in order to support students to catch-up on missed learning that has been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools have now been given the opportunity to spread their interventions over two years to best support the progress and well-being of the students in their community.

At Copthall, we are using our premium to drive our ‘Back on Track’ plan which is attached below and which is designed to support students with their learning and well-being as we over-come the challenges that the pandemic has created. The Back on Track plan is regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that it is meeting the needs of our school community. Full details of the national expectations for the catch-up premium can be found on here: Catch-up Premium.

As part of our action plan, targeted students at Copthall have been participating in small group tutoring sessions via the National Tutoring Programme. We have been working with Mytutor to support students English and Maths skills and over the next year we will continue to offer small-group tutoring for a range of students across the school.

Should you have any questions about the school’s use of the Catch-up Premium, please contact Mr Beavis our Deputy Headteacher (Academic) by email at

Headteacher report for Summer School 2021

Copthall School was delighted to provide two action packed summer school weeks during the summer break.  Utilising additional government funding we provided students with a blend of academic, pastoral and enriching activities.

Incoming year 7 - Curriculum

Each student experienced a varied range of activities to support their transition into secondary school, including: English, Science, History, Art, Music, PE, PSHE, Wellbeing, Dance, Drama, Puzzles and Problem solving.

Sessions and activities were delivered in specialist spaces allowing students the opportunity to become familiar with the school site as well as a high quality experience.

Student feedback was immensely positive, that they made friends and felt more confident about joining their transition to year 7.

Incoming year 11 - Curriculum

Our specialist external partner PET–Xi delivered a Maths and English programme with mentoring to develop our students’ resilience and self-belief. Students also took part in the following activities: A Dragons’ Den style presentation; Arts and creative design; Quizzes and games

To support our students’ approach to year 11, Copthall staff led the following enriching and character development sessions: Building effective habits; Solving problems through communication; Developing trust when working in a team; Maintaining good mental health and managing stress; Effective revision skills.


Expenditure claimed back from the Government’s Summer School programme:

PET Xi    £7,875
Staffing  £21,322
Catering  £3,143
Curriculum resources and other £9,863
Total   £42,203
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