Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

Summer 2021 Grades

Due to the cancellation of the summer examinations, schools were asked to determine grades for all students. At Copthall we have taken our responsibility for awarding grades very seriously, carefully following a rigorous and robust process to assign grades for each subject, moderate these grades and quality assure the evidence that sit behind these grades. We are confident that every grade awarded is a true reflection of how our students are performing.

The documents below have been shared directly with our Year 11 and 13 students and their families. These outline the school’s approach to awarding the Summer 2021 grades along with sharing the national approach for quality assuring the process.

Should any student be unhappy with the grades they have been awarded, they will be able to follow an appeals process which is outlined in the below guidance from Ofqual.

Information for each document:

Centre Policy: This policy outlines the school’s approach to awarding the Summer 2021 grades. As part of our external quality assurance, our policy has been approved by Awarding Bodies under the guidance of the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

Student Guide to Awarding in Summer 2021: This guide has been published by Ofqual and outlines each stage of the process in place for all schools awarding Summer 2021 grades.

Details of Subject CAG Process: This document was shared with students and families at the beginning of April 2021. It outlines the evidence being used to determine Summer 2021 grades. Please be aware that the information in this document was accurate at the time that it was published, however during the final internal reviews of the grades some changes were made to the weightings and evidence being used.


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