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Change of mind? It's not too late to place Copthall as your first choice!

If you did not place Copthall as your first choice on the eAdmissions portal, you can still request a change of preference. You should do this as soon as possible but before 7 March 2022 (7 days after National Offer Day).  To change your preference:

  1. Send an email to

  2. Say that you wish to wish to change your secondary school preference and have Copthall as your first choice

  3. If possible, include your eAdmissions reference number (not essential)

  4. Include your daughter’s name and full address details

  5. If your application is made before 1 March, you should receive Copthall as your school choice on National Offer Day (1 March 2022)

  6. If your application is made after 1 March and we still have space available, you should receive Copthall as your school choice in the second round of offers (end March 2022).

Further information on the secondary school application process is published on the eAdmissions online portal and on Barnet’s website:

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Copthall School Newsletter: A magazine for those who have expressed an interest in Copthall School

I am Miss Ellis, the Director of Learning for Year 7

Copthall June 2021 7276xA very warm welcome to Copthall School!

I am Miss Ellis, the Director of Learning for Year 7

Transitioning from Primary school to Secondary school is an exciting time, with many changes and new friendships to be made. Your Copthall School journey is going to be an exciting one over the next seven years. You can expect engaging lessons from our wonderful teachers, the opportunity to use our many facilities (such as our dance studio and power league) and join amazing extra-curricular clubs. Copthall school is like one big family where you will make friends for life and form positive relationships with our staff.  Our students are extremely supportive and welcome all new students with respect.  Year 7 will be offered lots of support to make sure they feel happy and safe at school. Copthall school offers a wide variety of support, including: in-school counsellors, pastoral support, form tutor support, safeguarding and student representative support. We also prioritise equality for all through our student voice ‘Copthall Connected’ initiative; I feel so proud to see our Year 7s discuss and create change throughout the school. We focus on empowering students from the moment they choose Copthall school as their Secondary school.

It is very special to be a Year 7 student at Copthall.


Why Study at Copthall

DS70597 TESSA 2020 email 600x100 Winner HEAD

  • Copthall School is a high achieving and exceptionally successful girls’ comprehensive school for students aged 11 to 18. 
  • Our mission statement, ‘Excellent Education for All’ and our five key Values underpin everything that we do to ensure all our students leave us confident, ambitious and determined to be the very best they can be.  
  • Our Values 

Respect: Pride and respect in the cultural diversity of our school and the global environment in which we live
Equality for all: An environment of kindness and tolerance that demonstrates equality for all
Support and Safety: A school that cares and is inclusive, supportive and safe for all
Aspiration: Expectation and celebration of high standards of aspiration and achievement in learning and life
Responsibility: Being responsible and ready for learning

  • Student mental health and wellbeing is woven throughout our pastoral programme and sits front and centre of our school development plan.   We ensure our students have the best possible pastoral care so that they can remain healthy and thrive socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Academic excellence, inclusivity and strong pastoral care is what we are renowned for.  This has been recognised by the Times Education Supplement who awarded Ms Forde MBE, Headteacher of the Year 2020.   

Year 7 Students - I love Copthall because .....


Chelsy P 7T

I love Copthall because students that I have met are friendly and helpful, including the teachers. I also like how everybody treats everyone how they want to be treated, especially the senior year groups who are always willing to assist we, the junior and new year 7’s. I also love the food on the menu as they offer different kinds of food.  They also include different varieties of clubs.  I love P.E. because it has a lot of different exercise clubs, such as basketball and netball.  I am glad Copthall have a ‘no bullying’ policy and that there is a bullying report on Epraise so if you don’t feel comfortable talking to a teacher in person, you can message them instead. I think Copthall is a great place to be at.


Rida F 7A

I love Copthall because it is a nurturing place with passionate staff who supported me to start my new journey with ease. They’ve helped me to make new friends, come out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Even though I have only been here for 2 months, I have the confidence of a sixth former!


Eleri S 7C

I love Copthall because the students are really nice and have helped me settle in.  There are loads of fun after-school activities to take part in.  The teachers are really nice and supportive and all the girls in my year are so nice as well.


Hilary K 7P

I love Copthall because teachers are fun and kind. Subjects and clubs are really enjoyable and educational, especially netball!  Students at Copthall are really friendly as they helped me when I was new and lost.  Copthall is the best school in the world!


Loujen A 7H

I love Copthall because it is an amazing school.  I haven’t been here for a whole year yet and I already love it! Copthall is a very modern school and all the teachers are very kind and treat us well.  I love the classes, they are wonderful and covid safe. My form tutors are very kind and always help me with any problems.


Alicia A 7T

I love Copthall because I enjoy being taught new things in different fun lessons. The teachers here are very supportive and kind to everyone.  If I am ever stuck on something I can count on them all!


Ugne K 7L

I love Copthall because there are lots of different ways Copthall can help you: help with homework, help if you have problems at home, help if you have problems in school.  Copthall also have a tutoring club after school which I attend; it includes Maths and English support. Copthall make the lessons fun and easy to understand.


Why I love teaching at Copthall?


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