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Results – Summer 2019 GCSE/GCE Results 

Results Collection Summer 2019

Exam results were released on Thursday 15th August (A-Level) and Thursday 22nd August (GCSE). Candidates wishing their Summer Exam Results to be posted to their home address, must provide the Exams Office with an A4 self-addressed envelope with a large 1st or 2nd class postage stamp on it. Results will not be posted without a stamp on the envelope – the stamp must have the word LARGE on it – ask at the Post Office for more information! 

If you wish someone else to collect your summer results, you must provide written consent in advance to the Exams Office, stating who will be collecting your results. The authorised person will have to provide ID when they come to the School to collect the results. No results will be issued without written consent on file.

Results will not be given out by telephone or email, under any circumstances.


Please see below for important Examination information, documents and timetables

Please note that due to external factors, exam timetables are subject to small changes so we recommend that students and parents should be mindful of this and check the school website for the most updated version.

Exam success hints and tips for students:

  1. Arrive 15 mins to 30 mins prior to the start of the exam. Refrain from bringing mobile phones, digital watches and/or any type of electronic communication or storage device into the exam room. If found in possession during an examination (even if it is turned off) we are obliged to report the infringement to the awarding body.
  2. IDs must be placed face up on the exam table next to the seat number so that the invigilator can check them without disturbing students.
  3. Water bottles must be clear of any markings or labels.
  4. Ensure you have all the correct equipment before your exams. For Mathematics and Science exams, students should ensure their calculators conform to examinations regulations. The cover should be removed and left with your possessions. ENSURE YOU HAVE NEW BATTERIES.
  5. Do not draw graffiti or write offensive comments on examination papers – if you do the examination board may refuse to accept your paper.
  6. Please do not write on examination desks. This is regarded as vandalism and you will be asked to pay for the repair/ cleaning.
  7. Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards all invigilators and follow their instructions at all times.
  8. As most of the exams are quite long, it is advisable that you have a snack and preferably a bottle of water (without the label)  with you if you have more than one exam in one day. Please note you cannot eat in the exam hall but you are allowed a bottle of water.

Exam Certificates

Certificates from Summer 2018, 2017 and 2016 Exams are available for collection from the school reception.

Certificates can be collected from main reception on Tuesday to Thursday between 10:00 and 16:30.

It is your responsibility to collect your certificates on time. If you are a past student and failed to collect your certificates from before the time mentioned above, please contact the relevant exam boards to request for replacement certificates.

If you are an ex-student, please make sure you bring a valid photo ID when collecting your certificates.

All certificate collections must be signed for by the recipient.  If you are unable to attend in person you can nominate a third party to do so on your behalf. Please email our exams officer with your third party details. When collecting the named third party must have valid ID with them that will be same as the ID details mentioned in your email. We also need a letter from you giving permission that will contain your signature, and a copy of your photo ID with signature.

Please send your emails to


If you have lost your certificates or did not collect them, they have now been destroyed and you will have to contact the individual exam boards for copies (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC).


Please click on this link for a fantastic resource to help you study and be successful in your exams.



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