Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Welcome to our SEND Department

Copthall is committed to educational opportunity and inclusion. All students, whatever their age, ethnicity, attainment and social background have equal access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which ensures maximum progress and continuity.

It is the work of the SEND department to ensure that the needs of our students are met through Quality First teaching and the support and provisions that we put in place. The SEND Information Report is an excellent document that outlines the details of how we achieve this, and this is available to download below.

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Ms Jeffrey and she is responsible for liaising with all staff in the school about all aspects of special needs work as well as liaising extensively with outside agencies and families. 

Description of the Department

Ms Jeffrey may be contacted via email on  Our team of 11 also includes a SEN Practitioner as well as our Teaching Assistants.

Together we form a hugely dedicated team which manages and supports students with a wide variety of needs and abilities. We use a range of assessment materials including Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) and standardised reading tests alongside the curriculum in order to monitor and track progress and inform any interventions where necessary. Support is then allocated in-class and/or in small withdrawal groups and information and strategies are shared with subject teachers. Students are allocated support in a prioritised and structured manner.

Aims and Expectations

The educational aims for students with special needs are the same as those for all students. We understand that our students present with sometimes very substantial and complex barriers to learning and that young people develop at different rates. It is imperative that all students have the support required.

The SEND Code of Practice is fully implemented and our SEND Policy has been revised to reflect the best principles of inclusive practice encompassing the five strands of Every Child Matters. Listening to our students is an essential and valuable part of how we achieve this.

We consider the families of our students to be a fundamental part of their education and development and the SENCO holds two SEN Open Days each year specifically for parents of students with SEND. We also work closely with a number of agencies who can provide support to our families as well as our students.


As support for the development of our students we have taken groups on visits to colleges as well as local experiences to enhance their life skills.

As enrichment activities, we have, within the past years, taken groups of students with SEND to see The Lion King, Cirque Du Soleil, and Disney on Ice. We have recently visited the Old Orchard Garden in Hampstead.

Subject Documents Date  
Learning Support KS3 and KS4 Course Outline.pdf 18th Jan 2017 Download
SEN 2 Ordinarily Available Final May 2016.pdf 18th Jan 2017 Download
SEND Information Report March 2018 21st Mar 2018 Download
SEND Policy 04th Nov 2019 Download
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