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Aims and expectations

We aim for all students to enjoy opportunities to examine themes in religion, such as spirituality.  We also compare religions’ beliefs with each other and secular society, looking for similarities and differences.


We occasionally use outside speakers to join our classes and discuss their experiences. We also use the local community as a resource, e.g. in Year 7 the students go on a local walk to a local church to explore how buildings are used for religious purposes.

Section titles for KS3, KS4, and KS5

  • Year 7: Why RE? Spirituality
  • Year 8: Rites of Passage, Human Rights
  • Year 9: Relationships and Families, Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Year 10: Religion and Life, The Existence of God and Revelation
  • Year 11: Beliefs, Teachings and Practices of Christianity and Islam
  • Year 12 and 13: Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics, Development in Christian Thought

Exam Board - OCR

Subject Documents Date  
RE KS3 COURSE OUTLINE 13th May 2020 Download
RE KS4 COURSE OUTLINE 13th May 2020 Download
RE A Level 13th May 2020 Download
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