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Please contact our admissions team via or call to set up an appointment.

Admissions for 2022/23 starting September 2022:

Applications for places at Copthall School Academy will be made in accordance with the London Borough of Barnet’s co-ordinated secondary school admissions scheme, details of which will be included in the authority's booklet “A Guide to Secondary Education in Barnet Information for Parents” issued annually in September.

Admission to Year 7: Applications should be made on the Common Application Form and returned to Barnet or your home Borough if you live outside Barnet. There is no supplementary application form.

Places are allocated according to the order of priority published in our admissions policy attached below.  To apply for a place for a place at Copthall School Academy Trust during the school year, parent(s) can apply through Barnet Local Authority, or contact the school directly for information.

Details of the Appeals process are included in the policy document attached below.

Aims and Expectations:

At Copthall we have an inclusive ethos in which we expect the highest standards of behaviour and engagement with learning.  It is our mission to provide an excellent education for all our students.  Our priority is to offer our students a highly personalised academic journey – a curriculum rich with opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.   We are proudly a values-driven school and we live and make decisions based on our values every day.

In addition to their studies, students are offered a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities that involve mentoring, cultural activities, visits and trips, STEM workshops, a full Careers programme and a range of partnership opportunities including universities, businesses, charities and our alumnae. These help to raise their aspirations and enhance their transferable skills, preparing them for life beyond school.

Our aim is for every student to leave Copthall with the ambition to succeed and the skills they will need, including complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, an understanding of social responsibility and the confidence to find their place in today’s global economy. We want to ensure they play important, influential and aspirational roles, ready to make a positive contribution to society.

Education after 16 / Sixth Form Curriculum

Many of our places in the 6th Form are taken by students progressing from Year 11, however, every year we welcome applications from students from other schools.  These applications, made to the head of Sixth Form, adhere to the whole school admissions policy.  We offer a range of A-Level and vocational courses. Students progressing to university and higher education are well supported by expert staff and a specialist programme. Please see 6th Form website for more information.

Uniform and use of mobile phones

Copthall School has a strict uniform policy in Years 7 through to 11.  Students are expected to wear the uniform properly on their way to and from school, as well as at school. Students in the 6th form must also meet school expectations of appropriate dress and appearance.

We do not ban mobile technologies, such as phones, from the school but have strict rules about their use.  Students who do not adhere to the rules will have their mobile devices confiscated for a period of time.  This gets the balance right between families needing to be ‘in contact’ and learning not being impeded by inappropriate and/or casual use.

Consideration for our neighbours

Our relationships with members of our local community are very important to us. We would therefore ask anyone attending any events at Copthall to consider our neighbours, and either come by public transport, park on Pursley Road or some distance away from the school and walk. In particular, Page Street (where our student on-foot entrance is situated) is a narrow road which suffers congestion so is not suitable for parking by visitors to the school. Please note that there is limited parking available on site via the Pursley Road gates, subject to time of day.


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