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Teaching and Learning at Copthall School

Delivering an ‘Excellent Education for all’ is Copthall’s key focus and to do this, the school’s teaching and learning is at the heart of everything that we do.

In 2018, Ofsted observed that, “The quality of teaching and learning is good because it includes many effective features. Clear routines and purposeful teaching strategies ensure that pupils engage in their learning… Teachers use their secure subject knowledge and interesting resources to prepare captivating tasks… Teachers use pupils’ prior knowledge to design work at different levels. All pupils with varying abilities are able to access the learning to make gains in their knowledge.”

The school invests in the professional development of all of its teachers to ensure that they are highly skilled in their subject specialisms as well as in using the latest pedagogical strategies and research to support the progress of all our students.

We aim to develop ‘deeper learning’ across all subjects which will enable our students to retain knowledge, using it in a flexible way so that they can transfer their knowledge to other situations. In doing so, students in all year groups at Copthall progress and thrive as they prepare for their terminal examinations and for life in the 21st century.

To ensure consistency and high standards in the quality of our education, we use the following policies to monitor the teaching and learning across the school.


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