Message from the Head Girl

Message from Head Girl Nabeeha

I believe strongly in two things; Women’s Rights and Education. Copthall encompasses both of them. It creates an atmosphere that inspires a passion for learning so that every student progresses and thrives, teaching us to be proud, educated and resilient young women. Being Head Girl, I have become a voice for all students and I value this role greatly. It puts me in a position where I can work professionally in multidisciplinary teams, both with students and staff. My Senior Leadership Team, the Prefects and I want to use this responsibility to create positive change so we can give back in a productive and sustainable manner for things we have benefited from, during our time at Copthall.     

My team and I all strive for a common goal of making a positive learning environment for all students and we all work closely to ensure that we use our strengths to provide staff and pupils with a voice that can be heard and impacted on. We are representatives and ambassadors of the school, inside and outside, developing improvements to ensure for the best possible outcomes for every single student at Copthall.

I confidently believe I would not be the person I am today if I had gone anywhere other than Copthall. I have learnt a wealth of knowledge, but also lifelong skills which have better equipped me for the future.  The teachers have provided me and many others an enriching environment, which has shaped and modelled me into the confident student with high ambitions ready to tackle all the challenges that life throws at me.  The teachers here are experts. They see us as individuals, all with stories to tell and lives to live and they care about who we are and who we will become to ensure that we can reach the highest potential.

Copthall has given me the aspiration and support to pursue a competitive field of Medicine which otherwise would be more challenging and daunting to enter.

Our school ensures students endeavour and strive for all possible opportunities, many of which I have been part of, and would hope other students would similarly benefit from.  Copthall provides an immense amount of opportunity and extra-circular activities. From Oxbridge affiliates, to projects on philanthropy, Copthall truly lives its mission of an Excellent Education for All.  We live the values of respect, equality, support and safety, aspiration and responsibility as these will equip us with the skills to enjoy, succeed and have choices in our adult lives, whilst having an inspirational, exciting and broad education.

Despite the challenges of exams, I have made great friends at Copthall, both teachers and pupils; and I have been afforded amazing prospects and a lifetime of memories. I am very proud of being Head Girl at a school that cares for everyone and has motivated me to strive for my goals and I want to ensure that girls become resilient, articulate, confident and above all accomplished.  

I know Copthall will continue to produce great minds and thinkers of the future, who will create a positive impact on the world, being the best they can be, and I hope to be one of them.

Nabeeha Toufiq in year 13

Head Girl 2018-2019

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