Governors' News Letter - Spring 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Update from the Governing Board - January 2018

At our last meeting, in December, governors reviewed the students' progress this year to date, particularly looking at students in need of extra support - you can see Copthall's strategy for supporting these students here.  As well as looking at how well students in Year 11 are progressing towards their external exams, and the extra support in place to help them with revision and exam techniques, we were pleased to hear about the amount of activity going on across the school to track and accelerate students' progress, and to support teachers in delivering excellent teaching to students to support Copthall's mission of excellent education for all.  

We were also delighted to see the recently published Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report, which highlighted that Copthall was in the top 10% of schools nationally for the progress its students made in the 2017 examinations results, as well as for disadvantaged students specifically.  This strong performance is a significant step towards our vision to be an outstanding first choice school for young women - a vision I hope you all share, and are proud to be contributing towards. 

Finally, we are delighted to be championing a number of exciting initiatives at Copthall: 

The Mill Hill Partnership:  A partnership between The Mill Hill School Foundation (an independent school) and Copthall School to provide academic, sporting, music, careers and enrichment opportunities to students of the other school; to promote British Values through student activities; and to provide CPD and other learning opportunities to staff from both schools.

The STEM scholars programme: To stretch, both academically and personally, those Copthall students showing the greatest aptitude, progress and interest in STEM subjects through workshops, STEM challenges, a Scholars Club, academic competitions, visits to educational establishments and year long STEM projects

International Women's Day:  A whole day of activities including debates, speakers and workshops on the themes of Press for Progress in all areas of STEM and 100 years of votes for women.


It is really important to us that the students attending Copthall know how to keep themselves and each other safe, especially in this day and age.  The Governing Board and Leadership Team take the subject of Safeguarding extremely seriously, and all staff and governors have had extensive training on its many aspects; we also have a nominated Safeguarding Governor, Janet Leigh.  During the Autumn term, we reviewed the recent safeguarding audit performed by an independent third party, and were delighted that this received positive feedback for the school. 

We hope in the near future to invite parent/carers into the School so that we can explore together the many facets of safeguarding. In the meantime, the document, Keeping Children Safe in Education is very helpful and our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy is very thorough and detailed, and recommended reading for those interested.

Link visits

As I said in my last letter, one of the Board's focuses for the Autumn term was to improve the way we engage directly with staff within the school. During last term, for example, governors visited the core subject areas of English, Maths and Science, as well as other departments around the school. This term, we will be continuing this programme and look forward to meeting many more of the students during these visits and other events at Copthall.  

Coming up during the Spring term

During this term, our committees will be looking at Copthall's provision for students with special education needs and disabilities, exploring the mock examination results and implications, and  reviewing Copthall's management accounts. We will also be attending various events for parents, and would very much welcome meeting you, and hearing your comments and suggestions for Copthall. You will find governors at the following events:

Tuesday 22 February - Year 8 Progression evening

Wednesday 28 February - Year 10 Parents evening

Thursday 8 March - International Women's Day events

Wednesday 14 March - Year 8 Parents evening

I look forward to seeing you, or your daughters, at some of the above - or, as always, you can contact me via

Best wishes

Julia Blackman

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