Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Inclusion Manager

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Lisa Novelli

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Director of Learning Y13
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Clinton Maturine

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead &
Assistant SENCO

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Natalia Hyson

Director of Learning Y7
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Kathryn Ellis

Director of Learning Y8

Kelsey Ramsey

Kelsey Ramsey

Director of Learning Y9JMC

Jade MacDonald

Senior Director of Learning & Director of Learning Y10Pda new
Poonam Dave

Director of Learning Y11

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Lella Stavrou


Interim Head of Y12

Jess Smith

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Safeguarding Statements

Copthall School is completely dedicated in leading the way in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We are committed to ensuring that safeguarding and promoting student wellbeing is the priority for all members of staff.  We strive to ensure that our dedication to safeguarding enables students to feel safe at school, at home and in their community.

We work closely with local authorities and external services to strive to have the most effective relationships that benefit our students. We regularly train our staff and ensure we are up to date with all safeguarding policies which is paramount to what we do at Copthall. 

The school pays full regard to DfES guidance 'Keeping Children Safe in Education'. We take stringent and appropriate measures in relation to our entire workforce to ensure that staff who our children perceive as a safe and trustworthy adult are vetted; this includes volunteers and staff employed by contractors.

Our robust recruitment practice includes a rigorous process of validating and vetting applicants.  Our standard recruitment process includes the verification of identity and academic or vocational qualifications, obtaining professional and character references, checking previous employment history and ensuring that a candidate has the health and physical capacity for the job. It also includes undertaking interviews and, where appropriate, ISA and DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checks.

We constantly communicate with students through our PSHE program and an effective assembly program so that students are aware of our safeguarding measures. Copthall Staff continue to empower our students regarding student wellbeing and how to report any concerns.

Safer schools

Copthall School is also working in partnership with safer schools which is an initiative to empower and protect the entire school community. Safer schools works in line with Copthall’s vision with ensuring parents, students and staff feel safe at school. The ‘safer schools’ app focuses on safeguarding particularly in the online world and also provides information and messaging on a full range of safeguarding and child protection issues.

Staff at Copthall will have access to professional information, advice and a range of accredited courses.

Online Safety

Copthall School is dedicated to educate students and parents about online safety and appropriate behaviours for all our students to remain safe. We educate our students with an effective PSHE program and external agencies that also assist our staff to deliver a clear message of online safety. Parents and guardians have access to our newsletter and can be invited into school to understand more regarding the risks of online safety.

 Staff at Copthall are aware of the risks and dangers our students face online and are constantly training and looking for ways to keep our students safe. We are empowering students whilst following child protection laws to develop critical thinking skills to reflect and enable students to keep themselves safe. 

We have put measures in place so student’s Internet access is restricted and in line with our online safety guidelines. Access to the Internet in school is supervised and approved beforehand.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Team (Children's)

Barnet Council,
Building 2,
North London Business Park, 
Oakleigh Road South
New Southgate London
N11 1NP
020 8359 4066

If you are concerned that your child may be having difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing, please discuss with your child's Director of Learning in the first instance and complete the following referral form.



Safeguarding Information, Advice & Guidance

Please see the links to useful websites offering guidance for keeping children safe including advice to parents about on line safety and more….



Barnet Safeguarding Partnership

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility.  At Copthall, we work closely with staff, parents, carers and other professionals to safeguard our young people.

The following online learning tools are a great resource to develop our knowledge and understanding of key safeguarding topics, and are provided by external organisations free of charge.

Seen & Heard

Anti-bullying alliance


Disability matters
Female genital mutilation
Forced marriage

Gender nonconforming young people

Identifying sexual behaviours (Brookes Guide)
Modern slavery training
NSPCC Child protection and safeguarding
 Online safety Preventing Radicalisation

Real safeguarding stories online resource

Self-harm and risky behaviour
Suicide prevention       Understanding young minds

Educate Against Hate

* Disclaimer - We are unable to recommend or comment on any particular on-line course or training provider. The listing above provides a sample of some on-line safeguarding training providers. Other providers are available.


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