Year 7


Our aim is for the curriculum to allow every student access to an Excellent Education for All and to support them to thrive and progress.

We offer a broad curriculum that includes the core subjects of English, Maths, Science but incorporates a range of subjects including, Art, Design and Technology, Dance, Music and Information Technology. Students study French in Year 7 and then their Curriculum encompasses Spanish and French in Year 8.

Mathematics is taught in sets, English in mixed ability classes, including a literacy lesson. Science is delivered in form groups, class sizes are no greater than 22 students in all subjects.

Setting is determined using KS2 scaled scores, information from primary schools and our own assessment during the first term of the year. There is regular assessment of student progress and students may change sets as appropriate to support individual need and to achieve potential.  At the start of Year 7 all students are put onto a trajectory based on their KS2 scaled scores. At the end of each unit of work students will be assessed against a set of ‘I can ‘statements to measure the progress they are making in each subject. Where students are consistently meeting their ‘ I can ‘ statements their trajectory will be moved up. Additional support will be put in place if students struggle to meet their ‘I can’ statements.

There is additional support to enable students with learning or physical disabilities to thrive and this also includes a booster group programme to allow students who have Key Stage 2 standardised scores below 100 to receive additional support to catch up.

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