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English Literature

Exam board: OCR/Code: H472

Why choose to study English Literature?

Studying English Literature gives you a way with words – the ability to understand, analyse, explore ideas, create arguments and express yourself in speech and writing.

Course outline: Modern and older texts covering drama, poetry and prose; 2 pieces of coursework

Component 1: Pre-1900 Drama and Poetry

Component 2: Comparative and Contextual study

Component 3: Literature Post-1900 Non-examined unit (coursework)

A Level



Type of assessment


Component 1

A Level



Component 2

A Level



Component 3

A Level



Essential student qualifications/abilities:

• At least Grade 6 in English and English Literature

• Excellent communication skills

• Effective essay writing skills

• A willingness to read and study independently as well as working with others

• The ability to meet strict deadlines

• A passion for reading

Desirable student qualifications/abilities:

• Evidence of wide reading

• Experience of theatre and film related to literature

Higher education opportunities:

English skills relate to most degrees and career paths. English is an academic subject that is well regarded by universities, colleges and employers. It is an ‘enabling subject’ for Russell Group Universities. As well as English Literature courses, the subject is particularly useful for university courses requiring excellent verbal and written communication skills such as Law, History, Media Studies and Drama.

Career opportunities

English graduates find opportunities with many different employers. Some careers are clearly related to the subject, such as journalism, teaching, editing and writing. Public and private sector organisations such as the NHS, educational institutions, local and national government, financial and legal firms, and voluntary and charitable organisations employ English graduates in a range of roles, including administration; research; finance; general management. Other typical employers include publishing companies; advertising marketing and public relations agencies; media organisations. The retail, leisure and tourism sectors also often recruit English graduates.

Essential Field Trips involving financial commitment

We organise trips to plays and films whenever possible.

Students will need to buy some of their own texts to annotate (some are covered by the 6th Form deposit).

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