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BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts   

Exam board: Edexcel 601/7233/2

Why choose to study Drama and Theatre Studies?

Studying Performing Arts offers a variety of skills to students who have a genuine interest in all areas of the Drama, Dance, Music and theatre production. With an emphasis on practical skills, the course is tailored to the strengths of its cohort, incorporating a variety of performance/production elements with the academic and theoretical components. Key transferable skills which the course will nurture include: team work, communications skills, self-confidence, presentation skills, evaluation and interpretation of texts, creativity and self-discipline.

Course outline:

Unit 1 – Investigating Practitioner’s Work

Unit 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance

Unit 3 – Group Performance Workshop

Unit 4 – Optional Unit focusing on either a Dance Skill or an Acting Skill


A Level



Type of assessment


Unit 1

Level 3 BTEC

Written and Practical - externally Assessed


Unit 2

Level 3 BTEC

Written and Practical – internally assessed, externally moderated


Unit 3

Level 3 BTEC

Written and Practical - externally Assessed


Unit 4

Level 3 BTEC

Written and Practical – internally assessed, externally moderated


Essential student qualifications/abilities:

  • A proven successful background in Performing Arts (not necessarily GCSE)
  • A genuine interest in Dance, Drama, Music and the Performing Arts
  • The ability to work autonomously in and out of lessons
  • The ability to work with others
  • A willingness to spend extra time researching, rehearsing and going to see a range of different performance skills, outside of lessons
  • A creative imagination so that work can be interpreted and justified​

Desirable student qualifications/abilities:

  • At least one 4 in English or English Literature and Drama (if studied at GCSE)
  • A willingness to take an active part in extra-curricular Drama activities, either acting or backstage

Higher education opportunities:

BTEC Performing Arts offers a range of skills that will prove to be valuable in all higher education courses. Natural course progression includes Drama, Dance, Music, Acting, Performing Arts, English Literature, Media, Psychology, and Sociology. 

Career opportunities:

Creative and Arts industries contribute £71.4 billion to the British economy and account for approximately 5.6% of jobs in the UK.  Potential career paths include: performing, arts education, working in Media, events planning, marketing, and advertising.

Essential Field Trips involving financial commitment:

Compulsory theatre trips will run throughout the two year course. Cost of tickets will be kept as low as possible.

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