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Exam board: AQA

Why choose to study Geography?

There are many reasons to study Geography; the main ones are because you learn about people and their societies, economies, cultures and the environment all of which affect our lives on a daily basis and therefore, you gain a deeper understanding of the world you live in.  Studying Geography requires the development of a range of cross-curricular and transferrable skills which support your learning in a range of different subjects and beyond into the world of work.  The breadth of study covered within your Geography A Level enables access to a broad based academic degree, which helps to increase employability after graduation.

Course outline:

A Level



Type of assessment


Physical Geography


* Water and Carbon Cycles

* Coastal Systems and Landscapes

* Ecosystems Under Stress

Physical Geography written exam

(2 hour 30 minutes)


Human Geography


* Global Systems and Governance

* Changing Places

* Resource Security

Human Geography written exam

(2 hour 30 minutes)


Geographical Investigation

Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field.

Written Report

3,000-4,000 words


Essential student qualifications/abilities:

  • At least 5, 9-4 grades at GCSE (including Maths and English)

Desirable student qualifications/abilities:

Geography GCSE grade 5 or higher, enthusiasm for practical fieldwork, an interest in current affairs and global issues.

Higher education opportunities:

There are a huge variety of Geography related degrees, Human geography is concerned with the study of human societies and anthropology and physical geography is about understanding the Earth’s physical processes.  Whereas, environmental science considers the interrelationships between the human and physical worlds.

Career opportunities:

As a result of the depth and breadth of study in Geography a huge range of career pathways are available to successful Geography students.  To list a few, these include: including in areas such as:

  • Geographical Techniques – GIS Consultant, Analyst, Defence Geographic Centre, Crime and Disorder Advisor, Data Collector, Ordnance Survey, Geographic Information Analyst, Metropolitan Police, GIS Analyst, Hydrologist, Geospatial Officer, Training and Education Services Manager.
  • Settlement - Programme Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Assistant Planner, Chartered Surveyor, Commercial Assistant, Events Executive, Graduate Land Surveyor, Property Manager, Regeneration Research Assistant, Senior Transport Consultant, Sustainability Analyst.
  • Society – Business Development Manager, Advanced Skills Teacher, Chief Executive, Fundraising Officer, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Livelihoods Project Officer, New Business Officer, UN Strategy Branch, Women’s Outreach Worker.
  • Policy and Government – Senior Policy Advisor, Civil Servant, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations, Flood Incident Management Team Leader, Head of Flood Hazard Research Centre, Property Information Manager, Public Communications Manager, Senior Planner.
  • Physical Systems – Environmental Consultant, Air Pollution Specialist, Oil and Gas Team Manager, Catastrophe Risk Analyst, Coastal Technical Specialist, Scientist.
  • Development and Global Issues - Disaster Response Coordinator, Catastrophe Risk Analysis, Development and Flood Risk Technical Specialist, Head of Education and Youth, Head of Polar Territories, HM Armed Forces, Social Development Advisor.
  • Business World – Audit Assessor (Insurance), Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Manager, National Accounts Manager.
  • Travel, Tourism, Leisure - Conservation Projects Coordinator, Educational Travel Consultant, Head of Centre, Field Studies Council, Incident Response Manager, Travel Writer and Broadcaster.

Essential Field Trips involving financial commitment:

A week’s residential field course is an essential component of the A Level course to support the development of skills required for completing a high quality Geographical Investigation.  

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