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Message from the Head Girl

As Head Girl in a girls’ school, I feel extremely proud and empowered to be able to represent Copthall. My time here, from Year 7 to Year 13, has been a very busy one, but looking back at my experiences, I feel immensely grateful for everything that has brought me here today, including the continual academic and emotional support of my teachers to the wide range of opportunities on offer throughout, especially the chance to be Head Girl. These opportunities have all contributed to my journey, and I am sure that the same could be said for every other single girl in the school, as they all commence on their journeys to becoming well-rounded, cultured, and independent young women.

My role as Head Girl is a challenging one. Alongside the rest of the Student Leadership Team, we work to facilitate positive and mutual communications between all stakeholders including staff and pupils and to ensure that student voices are heard and responded to effectively. My job is to make decisions about these communications, such as planning how to take action and drive improvement. I am responsible for coordinating the rest of the Student Leadership Team, which consist of two Deputy Head Girls, four Senior Prefects and a Prefect team. We act as role models across the school; we represent at school events and support our peers with mentoring, tutoring and clubs.

My goal for the future is to study Veterinary Medicine at University. With this, I aim to set up a programme educating children and young adults about the world of Veterinary Science and animal care. I would not have this goal without the encouragement and belief that my teachers have in me. This is just one of many examples where staff and students work hand in hand to ensure that every student is able to find their goal and achieve it too.

Being a Copthall student has been a great part of my life - it has rooted a strong foundation of knowledge and aspiration deep within my way of living. I will truly miss this school once I leave, because after all, Copthall is family.

Iqra Shahzad

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