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Message from the Head Girl

Message from Our Head Girl Jovana

My role as Head Girl is a challenging but privileged one. Alongside the rest of the Student Leadership Team, we work together to create a positive learning environment for all students and we communicate regularly with staff and pupils to ensure that student voices are heard and responded to effectively. My responsibility is to make decisions about these communications, such as planning how to further improve the school. I am accountable for coordinating the rest of the Student Leadership Team, which consists of two Deputy Head Girls, four Senior Prefects and a Prefect team. We are ambassadors across the school; we represent at school events and support our peers with discussions, clubs and mentoring.

I plan to study Graphic Design at university when I complete my A Levels. With this, I aim to inspire people to look beyond what is presented through the pieces I will create. I would not have this aspirational vision without the support and belief that my teachers have in me. I am only one of many students that have the opportunity to work hand in hand with staff, to ensure that every student is able to discover and realies their dreams.

As Head Girl in a girls’ school, I feel exceptionally honoured and empowered to be able to represent Copthall, a truly excellent school.  I have been a student at Copthall since I started in year 7 and it has been a rollercoaster ride, from stressful exam periods to making memories with friends. I am so thankful for the many opportunities I have been given throughout the years, especially the chance to be Head Girl.

I feel extremely grateful to have benefitted from the support systems here at Copthall and the genuine care the teachers hold for every individual, thus allowing me to push boundaries and leap forward on my educational journey.

All these factors have supported my development as a person, and I am sure that the same can be said for every single girl in the school, as each of them venture onto their paths to become strong, independent and well-rounded young women.

I will find it hard to have to leave Copthall, as it has been a great part of my life.  However, this motivates me as an individual to keep on making the school proud, because after all, Copthall is family and will always be part of me.

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