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Further Education

Copthall School Context 2016-2017 

Copthall School is a non-denominational academy for girls aged 11-18, serving a multi-ethnic community. The majority of students have English as an Additional Language and 43% of the students in school are Pupil Premium. It serves a rich and diverse community that encourages tolerance, respect, hard work and aspiration. The school is in the 80th percentile for social deprivation and is well above the national average, a characteristic more typical of an inner city school. The Sixth form offer a breadth of subjects both at A Level and Vocational pathways. Currently on entry to Year 12, students have the opportunity to study four subjects to AS level but continue only three of these to A2 level in Year 13. The primary indicator for predicated grades are their AS results alongside their Advanced Level Performance System target (ALPS), in addition to the professional judgement of teaching staff.

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