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Careers Information

Career is defined as an individual’s lifelong progression through learning and work. Careers education refers to a planned programme of activities within the curriculum that helps young people to gain the knowledge and understanding, and develop the skills and confidence to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work.

Careers information, advice and guidance (IAG) enables individuals to use the knowledge and skills developed through careers education to make the decisions about learning and work that are right for them.


Copthall School is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education and access to information, advice and guidance for all students in years 7-13

The programme is intended to raise achievement and ensure excellent progression for all of our students. The careers programme enables students to engage in decision-making and plan positive futures.


The careers programme includes career education sessions integrated into the PCHE programme, careers guidance activities (group work and individual interviews), work related learning, talks from outside agencies and employers, and visits to universities and relevant institutions.

Year 7: The focus is about introducing careers and thinking about the vast number of careers / jobs available.

Year 8: The focus is on being introduced to the World of Work and going on the ‘Away to Work Day’

Year 9: The focus is self-assessment, career paths and post 14 options.

Year 10 and 11: The focus is on in-depth exploration of different career areas, post 16 options and the application process.

Year 12 and 13: The focus is on work experience including preparation, implementation and evaluation and post 18 options including applying to University.


The Careers Coordinator at Copthall School is qualified to provide advice and guidance to young people on careers and other issues that affect a young person’s progression and achievement.

Students can arrange to see her for an appointment or go to the Careers Office (at the back of the school library) with any questions. Parents can also arrange to see the career's advisor with their daughter.

Please contact the careers office via email

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