Year 9

Our aim is for the curriculum to allow every student access to an Excellent Education for All and to support them to thrive and progress.

At Copthall Year 9 commence their GCSE’s and have a 3 Year Key Stage 4 to allow sufficient time and depth of study for these subjects.

There is additional support to enable students with learning or physical disabilities to thrive, with a specific focus on literacy.

Years 9, 10 + 11

Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 follow a core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science (Combined or Separate Sciences) Physical Education, Religious Education and PSHE. Students can choose an additional 4 subjects from a variety of academic and vocational courses, depending on their particular individual pathway.

To support students with their subject choices we publish a detailed subject guidance booklet, run a KS4 Progression evening for parents and students, meet with all Year 8 students individually and discuss future career possibilities, aspirations and subject requirements through the assembly programme, careers and PSHE.



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