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Art/Art Textiles   

Exam board: EDEXCEL 8030/9030

Why choose to study Art/Art Textiles?

Studying Art or Art Textiles gives students an opportunity to create a visual language which says something about the way they understand and see the world. Students’ artwork reflects their diversity, personal interests and their own creative journey. Having completed the course students are well prepared for the next stage of their lives, with skills which are transferable to all aspects of adult life.

Students have the opportunity to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. Students develop an awareness of the importance of Art and Design in its wider context, as well as gain an understanding of the contribution of artists, craftspeople and designers to society.

Course outline:

  • Unit 1 – Art & Design /Textiles coursework: Candidates are required to work sequentially from a given starting point towards a conclusion as part of a “Personal Investigation”. Students will have opportunities to generate practical work, ideas and research from primary, secondary and contextual sources. They will experiment with media and processes and develop and refine their ideas, presenting their outcomes.  

This unit incorporates a 1000-3000 personal written study of continuous prose.

  • Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment: This represents the culmination of the Advanced GCE course in Art and Design/ Textiles. Students will receive the paper in the February of Year 13 allowing preparation time for thorough research and development of personal ideas.  The fifteen hour will take place in the summer term.

Year 1



Type of assessment


Unit 1: Personal Investigation (course work).

Acquisition skills.

Development of a visual project from a chosen starting point.


Internal assessment.



Year 2



Type of assessment


Unit 1: Personal Investigation continued.

Developing in more depth a visual project from a chosen starting point.

Written study- 1000-3000 words of continuous prose.

Internal assessment.

External moderation.


Unit 2: Externally set assignment.

Develop a visual investigation from an externally set theme.

External assignment



Essential student qualifications/abilities:

A minimum of a good C in GCSE Art and Design for Art A Level or a good C in GCSE Art Textiles and the ability to use stitch with confidence.

Students not meeting the above criteria will be expected to present a portfolio of work as evidence of their ability.

Desirable student qualifications/abilities:

The student must be self-motivated, she must have a real interest in the subject and she must enjoy visiting museums/galleries.

Higher education opportunities:

Art and Design/ Textiles are appropriate areas of study for all students but particularly for those wishing to pursue careers in the following areas:

Foundation studies in Art and Design, Further opportunities in Fashion, Textiles, Interior, Architecture, Fine Art, Photography, Education (Teaching), Film, Animation, Television, Graphic Design etc.

Career opportunities:

Design, Fashion, Textiles, Interior Architecture, Fine Art, Photography, Education (Teaching), Film, Animation, Television and Graphic Design etc.

Essential Field Trips involving financial commitment:

3 day residential trip to St Ives, Cornwall – cost approximately £240

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